Dr Ian Nuberg

Ian Nuberg
Senior Lecturer
School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
Faculty of Sciences

I identify myself as a 'generalist' in that I work across a range of disciplines within agriculture and natural resource management. However my focus is primarily agroforestry and then agricultural extension, particularly in the context of developing countries. My work uses both biophysical and social science methods. I have also published in the areas of tree water use, horticultural plant pathology, bioenergy, tree genetics and climate change.

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Dr Ian Nuberg

I identify myself as a 'generalist' in that I work across a range of disciplines within agriculture and natural resource management. However my focus is primarily agroforestry and then agricultural extension, particularly in the context of developing countries. My work uses both biophysical and social science methods. I have also published in the areas of tree water use, horticultural plant pathology, bioenergy, tree genetics and climate change.

Here is a brief pictorial description of our research in Nepal and Papua New Guinea undertaken for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)


Agroforest and Community near Dungkharka village
Agroforests and Community Forest, Dhungkarka village, Kavre District



The focus of our current research in Nepal is to improve food security and livelihoods through agroforestry and community forest. In Mid-hills of Nepal farmers' livelihoods depend on tree resources both on private farm land (agroforestry) and community forests. 

Under utilised land
Under utilised land near Namlo village, Lamjung District







We are also concerned with finding practical and profitable alternatives for land that is being under-utilised.  Land is being abandonned because of labour shortages arising from young rural males opting for employment in India or the Gulf countries


Namla livestock
Stall-fed livestock and composted manure








Livestock are an important component of the mid-hills farming system, both for subsistence consumption and income generation. The major source of livestock nutrition comes from tree fodder from agroforestry trees or community forests.  Note the tree in the distance, how it has been heavily lopped for the fodder.

Fodder and farm yard manure
On left tree fodder brought into the farm, on right farm yard manure taken out to the fields (photo Conor Ashleigh)






The major source of crop nutrition in the mid-hills is farm yard manure from the cattle, buffalo and goats fed on the tree fodders.  So the agroforest and community forest trees are indirectly a major contributor to human nutrition and household income.

Silviculture trial
Silvicultural trial







 In the community forests we are engaged with demonstation trials of different silvicultural options to better match forest management to community needs. Some options are, for example, to open up plantations and plant fodder trees and high-value crops such as cardamon 



Af business training
Agroforestry business training workshop, Kathmandu








Our work also involves training in business skills so that farmers and community forest user groups can make the most out of the new commercial opportunities opening up to them.






The work in Papua New Guinea similarly aimed at improving rural livelihoods by better understanding the fuelwood market, finding the best trees to grow for fuelwood, and facilitating charcoal producer-vendor groups.

Israel Bewang on the fuelwood survey


We undertook a comprehensive survey of domestic and commerical fuelwood use and sales in Port Moresby, Mt Hagen and Lae, and the Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Morobe and Chimbu provinces.  We interview 3,964 domestic users, 157 fuelwood sellers, 66 commercial / industrial users, and monitored the daily use of 36 households.







Fuelwood survey chart
Fuelwood flows and dimensions

We learnt a lot about the fuelwood economy in PNG that will inform public energy policy.  You can read about it here

fuelwood trial
Harvesting short-rotation coppicing fuelwood at Pugamp, near Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province

Ten fuelwood species were evaluated in short-rotation coppicing (SRC) systems in replicated field sites around Mt Hagen and Port Moresby. They were grown at 2 spacings and evaluated against locally used, but non-coppicing species (e.g. Casuarina oligodon in highlands). Some candidates were also grown in farmer-managed woodlots and alley-farming systems. The evaluation included: growth measurements after 2 years; coppice vigor; burning characteristics as firewood and as charcoal; and consumer and market acceptance.   You can read about it here.

fuelwood poster
Poster of results from household survey

The initial market acceptance of this 2-year old firewood was not strong because it looks so different from what people normally buy.  Fortunately some of the better growing species were well accepted as firewood after people stated trying it.  Nevertheless, we realised farmers would be better off value-adding this wood by converting it into charcoal. So we facilitated the establishment of charcoal producer-vendor groups.  This involved first understanding what group business structures would work best for rural people in PNG. It turnd out that a very different business structure emerged in the coastal city of Lae, than in the highlands city of Mt Hagen.  This reflects the very different cultural settings in the two regions.  
You can read about it here

charcoal vendor
Charcoal producer-vendor in Lae market. He also makes and sells the charcoal stoves




charcoal wantok group structure



Date Position Institution name
1994 Senior Lecturer University of Adelaide
1989 - 1990 Contract researcher on Macadamias Wollongbar Agricultural Research Centre
1986 - 1986 Agricultural volunteer Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI), Tamil Nadu, India
1981 - 1985 Technical Officer (plant pathology) NSW Department of Agriculture
1980 - 1981 Co-manager of dairy farm "Bunji-lohan"
1978 - 1979 Full time Tutor in Botany University of New South Wales


Date Institution name Country Title
University of Melbourne Australia PhD
University of Sydney Australia MScAgric
University of Sydney Australia BScAgric (Hons)


Agriculture, Agroforestry, Environmental Education and Extension


Date Citation
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Working Paper

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2016 Kamanga,PS, Nuberg,IK, Kuehne,GC; 2016; Understanding the extent of utilisation of an agricultural innovation

Internet Publications

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2016 Brown,BJ, Nuberg,I; 2016; Africa’s agriculture projects are growing inequality, not food

Funding over past 10 years






Enhancing livelihoods and food security from agroforestry and community forestry in Nepal

$2.5 million



Facilitating the establishment of charcoal producer groups in Papua New Guinea




Promoting diverse fuelwood production systems in Papua New Guinea




Salinity Management training Project




National Extension Leader




Within the Agriculture program I lead the Level 3 core courses

  • Agricultural Resource Management (3rd year, Semester 2)
  • Professional Skills in Agricultural Science (3rd year, Semester 2)

and contribute as lecturer and tutor in the Level 1 core courses

  • Agricultural Systems 1A  (1st yr, Semester 1)
  • Agricultural Systems 1B (1st yr, Semester 2

I also coordinate the Agriculture Internship Program within the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, and contribute to 'Integrated Catchment Management' delivered from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.


Research student



Principal or Co-supervisor

Scholarship / funds






Manoj Badu


Hydrological impacts of community forests in the mid-hills catchment of Kavre, Nepal


Australian Postgraduate Award, EnLiFT

Brendan Brown


Sustainable intensification and the East African smallholder farmer



Chris De Ieso


Forensic statistics: analysis of a long term silvicultural trial in Nepal


School A,F&W, EnLiFT

Hiroshi Endo


Evaluating the importance of fodder trees in soil nutrition of farming systems of Mid-Hills of Nepal



Heather Feetham


Risk analysis of EnLiFT agroforestry interventions


School A,F&W, EnLiFT

Penjani Kamanga


Socio-economic and institutional dimensions in implementation of agricultural innovations by small holder farmers: Post adoption processes


Australia Award

Chris McDonough


Applying Participatory Extension to achieve

Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Middle East


PIRSA Rural Solutions

Lila Puri


Geospatial analysis of effective community forest management in Nepal


John Allwright Fellowship

Recently completed





Le Dang Hoa


Adaptation to climate change: the attitude and behaviour of rice farmers in the Mekong Delta Vietnam


Australian Scholarships for Development in Vietnam

Md Gausul Azam


Soil ‐ Plant Interactions and Establishment of Woody Perennials on Hostile Soils


International Postgraduate Research Award, CRC-Future Farm Industries

Mahdi Khudhur


Technical Efficiency of Zero and Conventional Tillage Practices in Nineveh Province, Iraq



Steve Lee


An interdisciplinary study of maternal productivity in beef cattle


CRC Beef Genetic Technologies

Aisha Hargraves


Attracting youth into agricultural careers: factors influencing youth interest in the industry in South Australia.


School A, F & W

Liem Mahalaya


Assessing impact of developing sweet potato–pig systems in Papua Province of Indonesia.


John Allwright Fellowship

Shyamantha Bandara


Determination of the physiological basis of yield response to irrigation in tea at low-elevations of Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan Tea Research Institute

Tran Binh Da


Potential to integrate mixed high-value planting tree species into the upland farming systems in Hoa Binh Province of Vietnam


Vietnam Govt, MOET

Senior Lecturer
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