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Christian ll Genova
Centre for Global Food and Resources
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Christian ll Genova

Christian Genova II is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Global Food and Resources, Faculty of the Professions, under the supervision of Prof. Wendy Umberger, Dr. Suzie Newman and Dr. Alexandra Peralta. His research looks at the role vegetable production plays in improving household diet quality in rural Vietnam.


Date Position Institution name
2012 - 2013 Consultant, Monitoring and Impact Evaluation Studies AVRDC - The World Vegetable Centre
2011 - 2011 Associate Scientist International Rice Research Institute
2010 - 2010 Consultant, Market Study in Solomon Islands AVRDC - The World Vegetable Centre
2004 - 2010 Research Assistant AVRDC - The World Vegetable Centre
2001 - 2004 Project Appraisal Assistant/Associate - Economics Municipal Development Fund Office, Department of Finance
2001 - 2001 Research Assistant Resources, Environment and Economics Centre for Studies (REECS)
1999 - 2001 Researcher Philippine Sugar Millers Association, Inc. (PSMA)
1999 - 1999 Research Assistant "Transaction cost analysis of coastal resource management activities under the Fishery Sector Program in San Miguel Bay project" funded by Economy and Environmental Program in Southeast Asia (EEPSEA)


Date Institution name Country Title
2011 - 2012 National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Japan One-year Master's Program of Public Policy (MP1)


Date Citation
2008 Weinberger,K, Genova,CG, Acedo,A, 2008, Quantifying postharvest loss in vegetables along the supply chain in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation, 1, 3, 288-288 10.1504/IJPTI.2008.021463


Date Citation
2005 Weinberger,K, Genova,C, 2005, Vegetable production in Bangladesh: Commercialization and rural livelihoods, AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center, Shanhua, Tainan, Taiwan

Conference Items

Date Citation
2017 Genova,C, Umberger,W, Newman,S, Peralta,A, 2017, Linking smallholder vegetable production to children’s diets: Evidence from rural Vietnam, 61st AARES Annual Conference: Transformations in Food, Energy and the Environment, Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre (BCEC), Australia
2016 Genova,C, Umberger,W, Newman,S, Peralta,A, 2016, Food choices of the Môngs in the northwest uplands of Vietnam, Agri-food XXIII Research Network Conference: Food and the Asian Century: Opportunities and Challenges in the ‘Neighbourhood’, The University of Adelaide
2015 Genova,C, Schreinemachers,P, Afari-Sefa,V, 2015, Adoption, yield and profitability of tomato grafting technique in Vietnam, SEAVEG2014: Families, Farms, Food – Regional Symposium on Sustaining Small-Scale Vegetable Production and Marketing Systems for Food and Nutrition Security, Bangkok, Thailand
2007 Genova,C, Weinberger,K, Acedo,A, 2007, Understanding postharvest losses in vegetables using an upstream supply chain approach in South East Asia, Tropentag 2007 International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development Cuvillier Verlag Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany


Date Citation
2012 Genova,C; 2012; An essay on the evolution of modern rice farming systems in Asia

Working Paper

Date Citation
2013 Genova,C, Schreinemachers,P, Afari-Sefa,V; 2013; An impact assessment of AVRDC’s tomato grafting in Vietnam
2010 Genova,C, Weinberger,KW, Acedo,AL; 2010; An assessment of market opportunities for leafy vegetables in the upland areas of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Final Project Report RETA 6376
2010 Genova,C, Kriesemer,SK, Neave,S, Wang,JF, Weinberger,KW; 2010; Market analysis of fresh vegetables in Solomon Islands
2007 Genova,C, Weinberger,KW, Sokhom,S, Vanndy,M, Yarith,EC; 2007; Postharvest loss in the supply chain for vegetables – The case of tomato, yardlong bean, cucumber and Chinese kale in Cambodia
2006 Genova,C, Weinberger,KW, Chanthasombath,T, Inthalungdsee,B, Sanatem,K, Somsak,K; 2006; Postharvest loss in the supply chain for vegetables – The case of tomato, yardlong bean, cucumber and chili in Lao PDR
2006 Genova,C, Weinberger,KW, An,HB, Dam,DD, Loc,NTT, Thinh,LN, Thuy,NTT; 2006; Postharvest loss in the supply chain for vegetables – The case of chili and tomato in Viet Nam
Year Name of funding/grant
2014-2017 Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) for PhD research project under the AGB/2012/059 “Towards more profitable and sustainable vegetable farming systems in north-western Vietnam"
2014-2017 Adelaide Scholarship International (ASI)
2016 AARES Early Career Workshop travel grant
2011-2012 Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP)




Date Role Membership Country
2017 - 2017 Member Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Australia
2017 - 2017 Member Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) United States