Carmine Wainman

Carmine Wainman
Australian School of Petroleum
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

PhD candidate with research interests in the following fields: sedimentology, stratigraphy, palynology, and coal geology.

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Carmine Wainman

PhD candidate with research interests in the following fields: sedimentology, stratigraphy, palynology, and coal geology.


Date Position Institution name
2014 PhD Candidate University of Adelaide
2013 - 2013 Geology Intern Woodside Petroleum
2012 - 2013 Graduate Geoscientist RSK Group plc


Date Institution name Country Title
2008 - 2012 University of Southampton United Kingdom MSci Geology


Petroleum and Coal Geology


Date Citation
2016 Hill,R, Beer,Y, Hill,K, Maciunas,E, Tarran,M, Wainman,C, 2016, Evolution of the eucalypts - an interpretation from the macrofossil record, Australian Journal of Botany, 64, 8, 600-608 10.1071/BT16117
2016 Salmachi,A, Rajabi,M, Reynolds,P, Yarmohammadtooski,Z, Wainman,C, 2016, The effect of magmatic intrusions on coalbed methane reservoir characteristics: A case study from the Hoskissons coalbed, Gunnedah Basin, Australia, International Journal of Coal Geology, 165, 278-289 10.1016/j.coal.2016.08.025
2015 Wainman,CC, McCabe,PJ, Crowley,JL, Nicoll,RS, 2015, U-Pb zircon age of the Walloon Coal Measures in the Surat Basin, southeast Queensland: implications for paleogeography and basin subsidence, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 62, 7, 807-816 10.1080/08120099.2015.1106975

Conference Papers

Date Citation
2015 Salmachi,A, Wainman,C, Rajabi,M, McCabe,P, 2015, Effect of volcanic intrusions and mineral matters on desorption characteristics of coals (Case Study), Asia Pacific Unconventional Resources Conference and Exhibition (15URCE), Brisbane, QLD 10.2118/176841-MS

Conference Items

Date Citation
2016 Wainman,CC, 2016, Tectonic and climatic controls on facies distribution in the Jurassic Walloon coal measures, Surat basin, Australia, International Conference and Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain 10.1190/ice2016-6283742.1
2016 Wainman,CC, McCabe,PJ, 2016, Correlation of Fluvio-Lacustrine Strata Using Volcanic Tuffs: New Insights From the Jurassic Walloon Coal Measures, Surat Basin, Australia, AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Calgary, Canada
2015 Wainman,CC, McCabe,P, 2015, Mires in the dark: high latitude coals in the Jurassic Walloon Subgroup of the Surat Basin, Australia, AAPG ICE, 2015 International Conference & Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia


Date Role Membership Country
2017 Member European Geoscience Union Germany
2015 Member SEPM - Society for Sedimentary Geology United States
2015 Member Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Australia
2014 Member American Association of Petroleum Geologists United States
2014 Member Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Australia
2013 Member Geological Society of London United Kingdom